Miguel S2 vs Hawk S2 #shorts #cobrakai #netflix #fixckwis

Miguel S2 vs Hawk S2 #shorts #cobrakai #netflix #fixckwis post thumbnail image

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17 thoughts on “Miguel S2 vs Hawk S2 #shorts #cobrakai #netflix #fixckwis”

  1. Offense It's Hawk, he has better offensive moves than Miggy, so much so that he left Miggy on defense in their fight in the forest, not to mention that Robby had a difference with Hawk in the mall, Hawk hit more easily, than Miggy in his fight at school

  2. intelligence is miguel he built a cobra kai website by himself and a.p goes to hawk since he kicked miguel to a tree from the ground but its debatable
    You should do robby vs kreese(In terms of writing)
    anyways fire edit

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