The Downside of Owning a Used BMW M4 F82 After 1 Year

The Downside of Owning a Used BMW M4 F82 After 1 Year post thumbnail image

Everything You’ll Hate About Owning a Used BMW M4 F82 After 1 Year

Everything You’ll Hate About Owning a Used BMW M4 F82 After 1 Year


Owning a used BMW M4 F82 can be an exhilarating experience, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. After a year of ownership, you may start to notice some things that bother you about the car. In this article, we’ll discuss some common pain points that owners of the BMW M4 F82 may encounter after a year of ownership.

1. Expensive Maintenance Costs

One of the first things you’ll hate about owning a used BMW M4 F82 after a year is the **expensive maintenance costs**. The M4 is a high-performance car, and as such, it requires special care and attention. From routine oil changes to more in-depth repairs, the cost of maintaining an M4 can quickly add up.

  • Regular oil changes can cost upwards of $200
  • Brake pad and rotor replacements can run $1000 or more
  • Specialized tires can set you back $1500 or more per set
  • Routine inspections and tune-ups can also add to the overall maintenance costs

2. High Insurance Premiums

Another thing that may irk you about owning a used BMW M4 F82 after a year is the **high insurance premiums**. Due to its powerful engine and high performance capabilities, insurance companies often charge higher premiums for the M4 compared to other vehicles in its class.

  • Insurance premiums can be as much as double or triple that of a standard sedan
  • Younger drivers and those with less driving experience may face even higher insurance rates
  • Modifications to the car can further increase insurance costs

3. Reliability Concerns

Despite its German engineering, the BMW M4 F82 is not immune to **reliability concerns**. After a year of ownership, you may start to notice more frequent trips to the mechanic and unexpected issues with the car.

  • Common issues include electronic gremlins, engine misfires, and suspension problems
  • Repair costs for these issues can be substantial
  • Finding a reliable and trustworthy mechanic who specializes in BMWs can be a challenge

4. Depreciation

After a year of ownership, you may start to feel the sting of **depreciation** on your used BMW M4 F82. Like most high-performance cars, the M4 loses value quickly, and this can be disheartening for owners.

  • On average, the BMW M4 F82 can lose 20-30% of its value in the first year
  • Modifications or customizations may not hold their value and could further contribute to depreciation
  • Resale value may not be as high as expected, especially if there are numerous M4s on the used market

5. Uncomfortable Ride

While the BMW M4 F82 is known for its performance capabilities, some owners may find the ride to be **uncomfortable** after a year of ownership. The stiff suspension and low-profile tires can lead to a harsh and jarring driving experience, especially on rough roads.

  • Long drives can become fatiguing due to the harsh ride
  • Passengers may complain about the uncomfortable ride, especially in the back seats
  • Potholes and uneven pavement can be particularly jarring

6. High Fuel Costs

The **high fuel costs** associated with owning a used BMW M4 F82 may also become a sore point after a year of ownership. The powerful engine and spirited driving can lead to lower fuel efficiency and frequent trips to the gas station.

  • Fuel economy can be as low as 17 mpg in combined driving conditions
  • The need for premium fuel can further add to the fuel costs
  • Frequent spirited driving can further diminish fuel efficiency

7. Limited Practicality

Finally, after a year of ownership, you may start to hate the **limited practicality** of the BMW M4 F82. While it excels in performance, it may not be the most practical choice for everyday use.

  • Limited cargo space and tight rear seating may prove challenging for daily use
  • Low ground clearance and long overhangs can make navigating steep driveways or speed bumps difficult
  • The low-slung stance may make entry and exit from the vehicle more cumbersome


While the BMW M4 F82 is undoubtedly a thrilling and impressive machine, there are several aspects of ownership that may become sources of frustration after a year. From expensive maintenance costs to reliability concerns and limited practicality, it’s important to consider these factors before diving into ownership. However, for those who prioritize performance and driving excitement, the M4 may still be worth the trade-offs.

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  1. I personally like the sound of the BMW. It's very distinct and different from other sport cars, especially American muscle. Also in my opinion, f82>f80 & G80>G82 FOR SURE

  2. Bought my f8x around the time you bought yours bro and can say I’m loving it also still stock with mpe exhaust having a blast. Hope you don’t get rid of this for the new one yet enjoy it , F8x>g8x all day but definitely going g82 with whatever happens to this car

  3. I know most people got over it but I still find the G80 M3 and the G82 M4's front end hideous.

    The F80 and the F82 may be obsolete but they still look way better then the newer M3s and M4s.

  4. I agree that on an M4, the steering wheel should have an upgraded look to it. This looks like a steering wheel for a basic 3 series tbh. No offense ofc. I love your vlogs.

  5. i fw ur content both scat and beamer?‍?
    i have a manual scat pack and one day i’ll have a manual austin yellow m4 ?

  6. I drove a Jaguar F-Type R for my vacation in Orlando,FL. You get that V8 rumble with a lot of burble. Maybe you could check that out

  7. Bro I love this channel bc of the M4 and also u and your content and also how u spoke about Palestine ur amazing bro also u should do videos about the gear and shifting and for people who want to get into learning about the stick shift game how it is how to understand it especially on the M4 those are nice content videos

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