Atresmedia TV Day 2023 (Part II)

Atresmedia TV Day 2023 (Part II) post thumbnail image

Atresmedia Día de la TV 2023 (II)

Atresmedia Día de la TV 2023 (II)

Atresmedia, one of Spain’s leading media companies, has announced the return of its popular Día de la TV event in 2023. The event, which celebrates the best of Spanish television, is set to be bigger and better than ever before, with a range of exciting new programming and activities planned for viewers to enjoy.

What to Expect

Atresmedia Día de la TV 2023 will showcase the company’s latest and greatest television shows, as well as providing behind-the-scenes access, interviews with stars, and exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming projects. The event aims to celebrate the diversity and quality of Spanish television, and to provide fans with a unique insight into the world of their favorite shows.

New Releases

Atresmedia will be using Día de la TV 2023 as a platform to unveil several new and highly anticipated television releases. Viewers can look forward to the premiere of new dramas, comedies, reality shows, and documentaries, all of which promise to deliver the high-quality content that Atresmedia is known for.

Special Guest Appearances

As part of the event, Atresmedia will be welcoming a number of special guest appearances from some of the biggest names in Spanish television. Viewers can expect to see interviews and Q&A sessions with popular actors, presenters, and producers, offering a rare opportunity to hear from the talent behind the shows.

Interactive Experiences

Atresmedia Día de la TV 2023 will also feature a range of interactive experiences designed to engage and entertain viewers. From virtual meet-and-greets with cast members to behind-the-scenes tours of television studios, the event aims to offer fans a truly unique and immersive experience.

Highlights from Previous Years

  • The 2022 Día de la TV event featured the premiere of Atresmedia’s highly acclaimed drama series, “La Casa de Papel,” which went on to become a global hit.
  • Previous Día de la TV events have also included exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming seasons of popular reality shows, such as “Gran Hermano” and “MasterChef.”
  • Guest appearances from stars of Atresmedia’s most beloved programs, including actors from hit telenovelas and presenters from popular talk shows.
  • Interactive experiences such as live Q&A sessions with showrunners and producers, providing fans with valuable insights into the creative process behind their favorite television shows.
  • Behind-the-scenes tours of Atresmedia’s production facilities, giving viewers a unique look at how their favorite programs are made.

How to Participate

Atresmedia Día de la TV 2023 will be accessible to viewers through a range of platforms, including live television broadcasts, online streaming services, and social media channels. The company aims to make the event as widely available as possible, ensuring that fans across Spain and beyond can join in the celebrations.

Live Broadcasts

Viewers can tune in to Atresmedia’s television channels to watch live coverage of the event, including exclusive interviews and sneak peeks at new shows. Key moments from Día de la TV 2023 will be broadcast throughout the day, allowing audiences to stay up to date with all the latest news and announcements.

Online Streaming

Atresmedia will also be offering live streams of the event through its online streaming platforms, allowing viewers to watch from their computers, smartphones, or smart TVs. This will provide a convenient and flexible way for fans to participate in the event, no matter where they are.

Social Media Engagement

Throughout the event, Atresmedia will be using its social media channels to engage with viewers, sharing exclusive content, hosting interactive polls and Q&A sessions, and providing behind-the-scenes updates from the event. This will allow fans to join in the conversation and feel connected to the Día de la TV experience.


Atresmedia Día de la TV 2023 promises to be an unmissable event for fans of Spanish television, offering a unique opportunity to celebrate the best of Atresmedia’s programming and to get an exclusive look at what the company has in store for the coming year. With new releases, special guest appearances, and interactive experiences on the agenda, the event is set to be a highlight of the television calendar.

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