Why do film critics love to hate movies?

Why do film critics love to hate movies? post thumbnail image

Why do film critics love to hate movies?

Why do film critics love to hate movies?

Film criticism is a controversial and often heated topic in the entertainment industry. It seems that film critics have a propensity to love to hate movies, and this begs the question why. Let’s explore the possible reasons behind the phenomenon of film critics’ disdain for certain films.

1. The pursuit of credibility

**Film critics are often seen as gatekeepers of taste and culture** within the film industry. As such, they feel the need to maintain a certain level of credibility and discernment in their reviews. By lambasting a film, whether deservedly or not, they can project an image of being discerning and unbiased in their evaluation of movies. This pursuit of credibility may compel film critics to focus on the negative aspects of a film, rather than its merits.

2. The allure of clickbait

**In today’s digital age, clicks and views are coveted commodities in the media industry**. It’s no secret that negative news and reviews tend to attract more attention and generate more clicks than positive ones. As a result, film critics may succumb to the allure of clickbait by penning scathing reviews that are sure to incite debate and controversy. This phenomenon perpetuates the cycle of loving to hate movies as a means of garnering attention and engagement from audiences.

3. Overexposure and fatigue

In the age of streaming services and endless content options, **film critics are inundated with a never-ending stream of movies to watch and review**. This constant barrage of new releases can lead to overexposure and fatigue, causing critics to become jaded and cynical towards films in general. As a result, they may be more inclined to nitpick and criticize movies in order to stand out or maintain their interest in the industry.

4. Peer pressure and industry influence

**Film critics may feel pressure to conform to the prevailing opinions of their peers and colleagues** within the industry. In an environment where certain films are hyped up or heavily promoted by studios and distributors, critics may feel compelled to go against the grain and disparage these movies in order to maintain their independence and credibility. This pressure to toe the line and avoid being seen as overly complimentary can lead to a culture of negativity and cynicism among film critics.

5. The search for perfection

**Film critics are often in pursuit of cinematic perfection**. They set high standards for the movies they watch and review, and anything that falls short of these lofty expectations is met with disdain and criticism. The pursuit of perfection can lead to a lack of appreciation for the nuances and complexities of filmmaking, as critics become fixated on flaws and shortcomings in a movie rather than its overall impact and value.

6. The need for validation

**Film critics, like any other profession, seek validation and recognition for their work**. Writing scathing reviews of movies can be a way for critics to assert their influence and expertise in the industry, as well as elicit reactions from filmmakers and audiences alike. The need for validation may drive critics to love to hate movies, as it reinforces their status as discerning and influential voices within the film community.

7. The perpetuation of elitism

**Film criticism has a long history of elitism and exclusivity**. Critics often pride themselves on their ability to discern high art from lowbrow entertainment, and this elitist mindset can lead to a tendency to dismiss or denigrate movies that don’t fit within their narrow definition of quality cinema. This perpetuation of elitism within film criticism fuels the love-to-hate mentality, as critics strive to distance themselves from mainstream tastes and preferences.


While film criticism is an essential part of the industry, the phenomenon of loving to hate movies raises important questions about the motivations and influences behind critics’ evaluations. From the pursuit of credibility to the perpetuation of elitism, there are various factors at play that contribute to this contentious aspect of film criticism. It’s important for critics and audiences alike to be mindful of these influences and strive for a fair and balanced approach to evaluating movies.

41 thoughts on “Why do film critics love to hate movies?”

  1. I can answer that title question without watching the video. As stated by the food critic Anton Ego in Ratatoille, negative reviews are more fun to write and to read. We know you love that movie Jarbo.

  2. access for everyone to have a platform to spew this garbage just enables more and more negativity. access should be restricted to those who abuse it and spread clickbait headlines

  3. You sound jealous that they are getting thousands of views while you are getting tens of views. Weren't you the one who could not let a week go by without mentioning Sound of Freedom. You just couldn't let that go. It's like TDS. You are better person if you get off YT and spend some time with your kids. These sites are just letting you know how crap these movies are and now movie execs are seeing the results. We will get better movies if this crap fails

  4. Have you considered that a lot of Blockbusters are just mid now? Personally I don’t need to complain since I don’t go see the generic tentpoles I can tell will suck

  5. I don't think you can speak in general terms about this – you need to be specific as to who you're talking about, and what movies, because there are exceptions, lots of them.

    However, when it comes to Disney properties/IPs, it's a different story – and you're being deliberately obtuse if you suggest otherwise.

    Also, the thumbnail or article you highlight – about the Marvels, is hardly inaccurate or negative. The movie is underperforming, just as the headline suggests. What exactly is the problem there?

    Look, like what you want, that's cool. But don't try to pretend that Hollywood is dropping cinematic gems left and right that being ignored. They're pumping out trash left and right, on cinema and streaming as well. I'd actually argue that streaming is offering better content, under titles like Jack Ryan, or Bosch, or Silo….

    I won't get into what I think the problem is with what Hollywood is up to. But going after "critics" feels like low hanging fruit, or even misplaced frustration. Because the content is weak. Weak. Not because people are mean or bored.

    And for what it's worth – the box office can handle multiple blockbuster titles in a weekend. It happened several times in the 80's/90's, and even more recently with Barbenheimer just this last summer.

    You may not like Campea (I don't know if I do or not) but he's a huge movie buff, sees a LOT of movies, and generally talks nice about most of them, just as an example.

    I wonder if WDW Pro is getting under your skin? ??

  6. Whenever I'm on youtube I do see a video with someone giving a WTF look on whatever movie or TV show they're about to review and my thought is "I see where this is going." If the person that is doing the review does have a point then ok but other than that I know that they were just hate watching it. And I hate people like that I rather keep an open mind and watch the movie or TV show with a positive mind set if it's not to my liking then it's not to my liking.

  7. Here's what blew my mind. On this week's episode of Fatman Beyond. Marc Benarden who historical nitpicks EVERYTHING absolutely loved The Marvels

  8. I think it's just everybody wants to put out a lazy video.

    I've noticed more people who don't even talk about movies trying to graft off of the Marvel's.
    Like jamari for example.

  9. For old school critics, they watch too many movies that only a few can make them feels good any more.

    For newer internet critics, bad movies reviews are more entertaining.

    For the audience, they just want critics validation.

  10. I liked Loki even in it's second season, thought it had some really nice moments. I really liked Owen Wilson's and Ke Huy Quan's performances.

    Recently, Marvel movies haven't really grabbed my attention for a while besides the Dr. Strange ones, and I personally didn’t see The Marvels because I didn’t really enjoy the first Captain Marvel movie. Thought it was kind of lackluster and generic especially for a first movie of this new character.

  11. There’s more positive reviews now for movies and television than ever before. It’s hard to find many “rotten “ tv shows. A lot of blockbuster films are just mediocre, and we’ve been trained to accept that.

  12. Okay, watched it now. Good stuff! Original joke comment remains relevant, and I agree, we need more positive, or at least constructive, critique. Love that thumbnail by the way! Would like to join in on more optimistic movie discussion like this!

  13. I get why the chuds do it. For the money. What I don't get is their audience. Why obsess over hating movies or TV shows? The odd time I watch a movie or TV series that I end up not enjoying, I shrug my shoulders and move on with my life. Why be consumed with anger and hate?

  14. I don’t care about the crtics

    Also I saw trolls 3 the other day I quite enjoyed it I’ll be seeing wish on Tuesday and illumintions migeration

  15. You also forgot to add that some critics were pretentious movie writers that hate franchise movies but love art house movies.

  16. It became acceptable when major movie studios (along with other major corporations) decided in their infinite wisdom to adhere to far-left extremists on (what was) Twitter and ram divisive race & gender narratives/agendas into everything whilst simultaneously attacking anyone who disagreed (which was initially White males). There is plenty of evidence out there to support this so I really don't know why you, Matt, persist in this deliberately obtuse little game where you think its all been created by the 'chuds' ? Also, it's very clear you're desperate to get on these 'chud' channels hence why you keep baiting them, its kinda obvious and pathetic.

  17. Matt, 'The Marvels' was supposed to be a HUGE new MCU release, but it has tanked. Second week drop is also record-breakingly HUGE. The competition was also weak considering. What exactly do you expect people to write about in these articles? ?‍♂?‍♂?‍♂You seem to be annoyed by the stone-cold facts of the matter. Oh and a movie doesn't massively fail because the actors didn't have a chance to promote it ?

  18. I watched The Marvels opening day. Didn't love it. Didn't hate. It was ok. Iman Vellani was the highlight for me. Probably why I enjoyed it more than the first one. I honestly think people are exagerating. But then again, a lot of them were hating on it before it even came out.

  19. Dude is complaining about people complaining. Absolutely zero self-awareness.

    Then he makes excuses like "life is busy" as if life has never been busy for people before.

    Just pick a cope and stick with it.

  20. I have been reading the main trades over the strike to now. They are struggling to find content and are owned by the same company. They need click bait like the chuds. As to the Marvels. I have seen it 3 times and have really enjoyed it. I think this is an expensive time of year. You are talking about a lot of money taking a family to the cinema when you know it will be on streaming in a few months.

  21. What complete cope. It's not that there's too many options, it's the fact these movies are terribly written, families have grown out of kiddy and superhero movies, kids don't care about anything but tik tok, and fans would rather make their own fanfilms that gives them what they want

  22. Clearly jarbo you haven't seen the video evidence from the capital.. lol the ONLY INSURRECTION that ended because the insurrectionist just simply… went home

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