Plane Full of Passengers Suddenly Time Travels Back to WW2 And Gets Attacked By The Nazis

Plane Full of Passengers Suddenly Time Travels Back to WW2 And Gets Attacked By The Nazis post thumbnail image

Plane Full of Passengers Suddenly Time Travels Back to WW2 And Gets Attacked By The Nazis

Plane Full of Passengers Suddenly Time Travels Back to WW2 And Gets Attacked By The Nazis

The Time Travel Incident

It was a typical day for the passengers onboard a commercial flight, but little did they know they were about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. As the plane soared through the sky, a sudden flash of light engulfed the aircraft, leaving everyone bewildered. When the light dissipated, the passengers found themselves in a completely different time and place – World War II.

The Shock of the Time Travel

**The shock and disbelief** were palpable as the passengers looked out the window to see a world vastly different from the one they had left behind. The once modern cityscape was replaced by the sights and sounds of war-torn Europe. Panic and confusion gripped the plane as the reality of their situation set in.

Encountering the Nazis

As the passengers grappled with their sudden displacement in time, another chilling realization dawned upon them – they were now in the midst of Nazi-occupied territory. German fighter planes were quickly approaching, and the passengers realized they were in immediate danger.

The Attack Begins

**The deafening roar of the engines** grew louder as the German planes closed in on the unsuspecting commercial aircraft. The passengers braced themselves for impact as the Nazi fighters opened fire, unleashing a barrage of bullets and missiles upon the helpless plane.

Fighting for Survival

Amidst the chaos and terror, the passengers and crew banded together to devise a plan for survival. With no time to waste, they frantically searched for any means of defending themselves against the relentless assault from the Nazi fighters.

Improvising Weapons

**Using their wits and resourcefulness**, the passengers managed to fashion makeshift weapons from various items on the plane. Luggage was repurposed as barricades, and even the meal trays were used as shields against the incoming enemy fire.

  • Belts were fashioned into slingshots to hurl small objects at the enemy planes
  • Passengers worked together to create a rudimentary communication system to coordinate their efforts
  • Medical supplies were utilized to treat any injuries sustained during the attack

Resilience in the Face of Adversity

**The passengers’ resilience and determination** were put to the ultimate test as they refused to succumb to despair. With each passing moment, they continued to stand their ground, fighting against insurmountable odds as they clung to the hope of surviving the harrowing ordeal.

Seeking a Way Back to the Present

As the battle raged on, the passengers knew that their only chance of survival lay in finding a way to return to their own time. They scoured the plane for any clues or signs of the mysterious phenomenon that had caused their unexpected journey through time.

  • They inspected the aircraft’s instruments and systems for any anomalies that might provide a clue to the time travel event
  • Passengers shared their knowledge and expertise, pooling their collective resources to unravel the mystery of their predicament
  • Crew members worked tirelessly to maintain the functionality of the plane amidst the chaos and destruction

A Race Against Time

**With every passing moment**, the passengers felt the weight of time bearing down upon them. The relentless assault from the Nazi fighters continued, and the desperate need to find a way back to their own time became more urgent than ever.

A Glitch in Time

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, a sudden glitch in the fabric of time manifested itself, and the passengers found themselves engulfed in another blinding flash of light. When the light subsided, they were once again soaring through the sky in the present day, their harrowing experience a distant memory.

A Testimony to Courage

**The harrowing ordeal** had tested the passengers’ courage and resilience in ways they never thought possible. They emerged from the experience with a newfound appreciation for life and a bond that transcended the boundaries of time and circumstance.

42 thoughts on “Plane Full of Passengers Suddenly Time Travels Back to WW2 And Gets Attacked By The Nazis”

  1. This is crazy as hell with a lot of historical inaccuracies that they cover with alt timeline explanation. Still could be a fun popcorn or getting stoned flick.

  2. Pilots gotta know.. never EVER fly through giant glowing buttholes in the sky, it will never end up being good.

  3. "One of the best things about dude is that he Never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audience, and his team, and he is always polite in all of his videos. We congratulate ourselves on this achievement. More to come and everything to come ” ❤️❤️..

  4. What a convenient that the old guy is British signal officer who contacted the exact flight. And what the hell are they thinking "while we at it lets kill Hitler"

  5. the cruising altitude of commercial airliners is 33-44 thousand feet, no way in hell would any fighters reach a commercial airliner in ww2 much less be able to land a hit..

  6. how'd they patch up the hole left by the missile? It seems like they were flying with a huge hole for quite some time.

    And wtf 9:12… Everyone gets off smiling like nothing happened.

  7. I was one of the people that got sucked out of the plane. I survived and made it across German lines. The following day, I located the Nazi bell and used it to get back to present day.

  8. The most telling thing to me about this movie is how the collective western "superpowers" like US, UK, France, Germany etc behave.

    They were willing to destroy the plane and kill everyone on board so the Germans don't get their hands on superior tech.

    Still the same thing happening.

    These countries don't mind starting wars and killing millions just to stay ahead politically, economically & militarily.

  9. A me262 escorting bombers during the battle for Britain? What the fuck?? Also UK has ground to air missiles bro what fantasy is this

  10. if Germans had Me-262 with AA missile in 1940, we all would be speaking German now.
    those tweo historians in the plane probably had a hearth attack and died.

  11. I really want to find out the background music this channel uses, I get so immersed into the video because of it and it's so chilling, I need the songs name

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