Kissing Booth’s Taylor Zakhar responds to Jacob Elordi’s criticism of Netflix films

Kissing Booth’s Taylor Zakhar responds to Jacob Elordi’s criticism of Netflix films post thumbnail image

The Kissing Booth’s Taylor Zakhar responds to Jacob Elordi’s criticism of Netflix films

The Kissing Booth’s Taylor Zakhar responds to Jacob Elordi’s criticism of Netflix films

There has been a lot of buzz recently surrounding the Netflix film “The Kissing Booth” and its stars Taylor Zakhar and Jacob Elordi. In a recent interview, Elordi made some critical comments about his experience working on Netflix films, sparking a response from his co-star Zakhar. Here’s a breakdown of the controversy and Zakhar’s response.

Jacob Elordi’s criticism

In a recent interview, Jacob Elordi, who plays the character of Noah in “The Kissing Booth,” expressed his dissatisfaction with working on Netflix films. He stated that he felt the movies he’d been a part of had a “lack of authenticity” and didn’t align with his artistic vision.

Zakhar’s response

Many fans were curious to hear Taylor Zakhar’s reaction to Elordi’s comments. As one of the film’s lead actors, her perspective on the matter holds significant weight.

  • Zakhar responded with grace and professionalism, acknowledging Elordi’s perspective while defending her own experience with Netflix films.
  • She emphasized that everyone’s artistic journey is different and that it’s okay for Elordi to have his own opinions.
  • She expressed gratitude for the opportunities she’s had with Netflix and the positive impact the platform has had on her career.

Working with Netflix

It’s clear that Taylor Zakhar values her partnership with Netflix and appreciates the opportunities it has provided her. Working with Netflix has opened many doors for her and allowed her to showcase her talents to a global audience.

Positive impact

Zakhar’s response highlights the positive impact that working with Netflix has had on her career. The platform has given her the chance to reach a wide audience and connect with fans around the world. She values the exposure and recognition she’s gained through her work with Netflix.

Creative freedom

She also emphasizes the creative freedom she’s had while working with Netflix. The platform has allowed her to explore diverse roles and collaborate with talented filmmakers. She feels supported in expressing her artistic vision and bringing unique stories to life.

The Kissing Booth franchise

“The Kissing Booth” has become a beloved franchise with a dedicated fan base. The success of the films has catapulted the cast into the spotlight, and they have played a significant role in the growth of Netflix’s romantic comedy genre.

Critical acclaim

The Kissing Booth films have received praise for their lighthearted and engaging storytelling. Fans have fallen in love with the characters and the romantic escapades they embark on throughout the series. The films have become a cornerstone of Netflix’s romantic comedy offerings.

Fan support

The fan support for “The Kissing Booth” franchise is overwhelming. The films have garnered a dedicated following, and the cast has been embraced by fans from all over the world. The franchise’s success has been a significant milestone for all involved.

Respecting differing perspectives

It’s important to acknowledge that individuals have diverse experiences and viewpoints. Each actor’s journey in the entertainment industry is unique, and it’s essential to respect their perspectives and choices.

Professionalism in the industry

Zakhar’s graceful response to Elordi’s criticism demonstrates professionalism in the industry. She recognizes the importance of supporting one another while honoring individual journeys and opinions. Her response sets a positive example for handling disagreements and maintaining respect within the entertainment industry.


In conclusion, Taylor Zakhar’s response to Jacob Elordi’s criticism of Netflix films reflects her gratitude for the opportunities she’s had with the platform and her commitment to professionalism in the industry. While Elordi and Zakhar may have differing perspectives on their experiences, it’s clear that both actors value the impact their work has had on their careers and the connections they’ve made with fans. Their ability to respectfully navigate differing opinions sets a positive example for the entertainment industry as a whole.

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